Admire the amazing beauty of America's Bryce Canyon Park

Bryce Canyon Park, which covers 145 square kilometers, is located on the Paunsaugunt plateau. The attractions of this park are the ranges of rock caves eroded by wind, water and glaciers. Streams of spring water have created unique shapes for the landscape of Bryce Cannyon. Guests with the opportunity to admire at Bryce Canyon Park will be mesmerized with the strange beauty of the colorful rocks.

The deposition of sediments creates color for these giant rock ridges. Along with the resonance of sunlight, the mountains have brought the feeling of tourists being experienced at another planet. Red, orange, white are the impressive colors of the rocks that bring tourists to Las Vegas with the mysterious and spectacular natural scenery. For a long time by the activity of eroded water, huge sculptural stone works are extremely impressive.

Bryce Canyon Park visitors can't miss the opportunity to cross the huge cliffs to admire the spectacular scenery from inside to outside of the park. The rocks in the park are eroded by wind and water, and over time it has become extremely interesting shapes. After a day exploring the park visitors can freely camp and admire the night star. In addition, visitors can try riding horse riding to visit the canyon.

Bryce Canyon Park has many different paths to walk. If visitors are interested in exploring want to admire the anomalies can choose the Peek-a-bo street. However, this road is also quite dangerous with heart-wrenching roads, but visitors can see firsthand the famous stones such as three wise men, big churches ...

Bryce Canyon is also home to 59 different mammals and extremely rich flora with coniferous species to oak, cacti, as well as various wildflowers that can only be found. at the park. American tourists visiting Bryce Canyon Park are the ideal place to take the best photos in the early mornings to watch the sunrise. Visitors can visit Bryce Canyon in the spring to enjoy beautiful flowers or enjoy the singing of birds in May to October or join the skiing in winter from November until March.

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