Asian Tourism - 5 Most Popular Tourist Trends In Asia

Asia is the "bright star" of the global tourism industry, accounting for 25% of the total number of tourists in 2017. In 2018, this figure promises to continue to increase by new types of tourism, Attractive only in Asia. Invite you to learn about the 5 most popular tourist trends in Asia.

1. Meditation Travel

A trip does not have to go to the forest to the sea to be called a mourning. Sometimes, the trip will be more meaningful when you meditate, explore your own inner world. For those living in tight spaces and pollution in the city, meditation tourism is also an opportunity to bring them back to the natural nature, to rediscover the essence and practice mindfulness with the breath, the method of cultivation. traditional practice in Buddhism.

Tourists can only find meditation tours in Asia. The greatest purpose of meditation is to help raise awareness and have a more insightful, happy and optimistic view of life. In the midst of life, people seem to want to return to nature with their own self.

Guests can participate in Ayurveda meditation courses (meaning "knowledge of life"), a traditional Indian meditation method, experience the peaceful life of meditation in Cambodia, or enjoy food meditation style, eating and drinking in the quiet mind of Hue people, Vietnam.

This type of meditation tour focuses on the experiences of visitors to places rich in humanity, holiness or places of pure relaxation - places that can create positive and comprehensive changes. The lifestyle of visitors, directing them to a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

2. Travel experience indigenous
Experience travel is a form of travel towards your own experiences, learning, discovering new things locally. According to an actual survey, up to 35.1% of tourists choose Asia as the destination for their travel experience. In particular, Southeast Asian countries like Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and Philippines accounted for 17% of the total.

It can be said that Asia in the eyes of foreign tourists is a destination with mysterious and rich religious, historical and cultural backgrounds. Visitors here want to have a diverse and new experience about every aspect of life such as culture, cuisine, customs

Besides, countries in Southeast Asia, especially Vietnam, tend to experience tourism extremely developed. Coming to S-shaped strip of land, you can take a motorbike tour to the Ha Giang highland plateau, learn about history through war evidence in Hanoi Capital or go to the West to enjoy cuisine of floating waters.

In Indonesia, visitors will experience the custom of hand-eating to enjoy Gado-Gado, sleeping with the dead of Toraja people. In addition, sitting on the boat to see whale sharks in Donsol, Philippines is one of the experiences found only in Southeast Asia.

Traveling experience requires you to penetrate more life, you will learn more new things in life through staying at the local people, living together and eating like an indigenous people... have the opportunity to learn their unique customs. It is these experiential tours that will help you have new perspectives on life.

3. Luxury resort
Speaking of luxury vacation, you will think of expensive hotels with views of majestic Mount Fuji, Japan or luxurious suites located in the expensive Gangnam district of Seoul, Korea.

However, the new definition of luxury resort and luxury is that you can enjoy a quiet, private vacation with the most comfortable facilities and experiences in a remote, isolated land, or an island owned exclusively without people.

This is a favorite choice for travelers from all over the world when choosing Asia as their destination for vacation. With the advantage of rich terrain, pristine nature from the sea to the mountains, rivers, caves, Asia is the ideal destination for visitors who wish to relax in high-class, comfortable places. nature that guarantees privacy, completely separate from the outside world.

You can choose to stay in bamboo forest in Thailand's Golden Triangle area or the beautiful private island of Song Saa in Cambodia. You can even enjoy the exciting and adventurous feeling of sleeping in a royal tent among the primeval forest where wildlife is preserved in the Ranthambore national forest in India. To get to such resorts, visitors are welcome by seaplane, yacht or other unique means. It is these things that contribute to the attraction of these isolated remote destinations.

After arriving here, in addition to enjoying quiet space, fully immersed with nature, visitors can participate in unique activities such as elephant riding, kayaking, participating in taichi yoga classes, cooking, diving or climbing, exploring deep forests ...
Real-world holidays, away from technology equipment, no longer busy with work or worries and worries of life, will help you slow down, purify your body and recreate life energy. However, the cost for these vacations is not small, usually from $ 1,000 / night or more per room in these remote resorts.

4. Health care tourism
Demand for health care tourism is increasing as visitors are more and more likely to use their holidays as a way to relieve stress, take care of the whole mind, renew energy. Asia is an ideal destination with many effective and natural healing and health care therapies.

If Healthy is physical health, Spiritual is mental health, Wellness is a harmonious combination of both concepts. And resorts according to Wellness Travel model - tourism combined with health care in Asia promises to bring the most wonderful fresh space with ecosystems including tropical forests, mountains, rivers and streams. and fresh green lake ...

Here, the chain of Detox therapy combined with rest and proper diet helps the body to be purified, remove toxins to maintain a healthy health and a good spirit. Visitors learn Yoga techniques that guide the elimination of toxins, cleanse the body, breathe and regulate air flow.

Attend a lifestyle training, exercise and talk to a dietitian to have a reasonable diet to keep your body healthy and fresh every day. Combined with massage therapies, reflexology, long-standing herbal treatments of Asian people, you will feel like you have recovered energy and energy after this vacation.

Join the health care tour in Asia, visitors can stay in the resort in tropical forests in Indonesia, enjoy the hot springs of Malaysia, detox in the Korean sauna or take a dip in the only onsen treatment bath available in Japan.

5. Agricultural tourism 
Agriculture is considered a key economic sector of Asian countries, especially in Southeast Asia. The development of agricultural and rural tourism plays an important role in restoring and promoting local economic development. Agricultural tourism is understood as an independent type of tourism and tourists can experience various activities with a closed agricultural production cycle.
Currently, agricultural tourism is divided into landscapes and agricultural production sites. Here, visitors can participate in useful agricultural experiences. You can find the Wagyu Kobe beef farm in Japan to witness the life of "the king, the princess" of Kobe cows, enjoy beef worth $ 300 / kg.

Or come to Vietnam to meet local people, visit fish farms and vast rice fields, experience how to grow vegetables in Hoi An.

Going to Taiwan to enjoy fresh fruits, participating in picking fruits at Tan Phong Garden in Tan Xa, Taichung, this place also has an entertainment area, providing food and accommodation services for tourists. This is also the "specialties" of Asian tourism being loved by tourists worldwide.




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